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A bit about rachel...

Thanks for popping by!  I am a Jesus loving, corn-chip eating designer and hobby photographer.
That's me up there on my wedding day, probably looking the best I've ever (and will ever) look. You will usually find me behind a computer, no makeup, a coffee in hand and my Bernese Mountain dog Paddy by my side. I love natural tones, earthy vibes and natural light in abundance. As a result, my design work often has a minimalistic feel and features lots of white and foliage elements.

I started this venture as a place to develop my design skills and as a creative outlet while I undertook my marketing degree.  As time went on I came to realise how much I love to design. There is something about starting with a blank canvas and creating something beautiful.

I don't know about you but I get really excited by invitations. Opening a carefully sealed envelope to reveal a beautiful design just makes my soul happy. I see invitations as the first touch point for guests - an exciting hint of what is to come. Invitations are an opportunity to express you, what you love, and what you have planned. I love using bright colours and funky type faces for birthday celebrations, and erring on the side of neutral for engagements and weddings.

I also love interior design and aspire to one day own a naturally lit farm house with a big rustic table and wrap-around veranda where I can grow old in with my husband, Alex. 

I am inspired to create by the one who created all.